Michael was born in Columbia, Maryland (with a "u") where he grew up playing soccer and piano! Wow! Michael came to NY for college where we met! Woo! Michael likes anime, space and sounds. From playing in various churches around the New York area -- Robert Sadin has been a huge teacher and influence for him. He plays in other bands also such as Joe Vilardi's project and Rich Rodriguez's project and Phillipe Duarte's band.


Here are some fun facts about Michael so you can get to know him better:

  • his nickname is chicken nugget
  • he has a hyphenated last night
  • he prefers to be called michael over mike
  • he can bake bread
  • his favorite TV show is cowboy bebop// but his anime is fooly cooly
  • he's also a vegetarian
  • he loves cats
  • he is an avid trusk8 gamer

Love him!