Hello hello friends and lovers!

I'm Kathryn Agatha. The name itself belongs to me, given to my by my parents. It's technically my first name which is hyphenated -- Kathryn-Agatha. I was born in The US of A and I lived here for only a short amount of time before the world traveling began. For years, I lived abroad in places such as Korea, Paris, London.. etc, and I came back to America and I lived in Connecticut for a short time where I attended a stuffy private school (THAT SUCKED) until my kicking and screaming let me come to the greatest place ever! New York City! Woo hoo! I attended the Professional Children's School where I studied under the watchful eye of many talented songwriters and singers who helped me get to where I am today. There have been so many of you and I will surely write a post dedicated to you, because you deserve more than a passing mention (more to come). After graduating from PCS, I attended the New School and have been working toward the completion of double major in Media/Communications as well as Jazz Vocal Performance. I am in my final semester. Holy cow! How that happened so quickly, I'll never know! 


Here are some fun facts about me so that you can get to know me a little better

  • I would rather spend an evening in with tea and cartoons then see the outside world
  • Stringed instruments make me boogie
  • I have been a vegetarian for approx. 6 years
  • I would marry Jacques Brel in an instant. Time machines just need to be invented first.
  • I have one older sister // we raised each other
  • I have an irrational fear of popcorn machines and fireworks
  • There are few candles that don't make me sneeze
  • My retirement plans include a farm, 1000 dogs and 1 cat
  • I am going to make every other member in the band do one of these posts

...it's all a work in progress.

Anyway, art and life are one in the same for people like me and I suspect for you as well. 

Let's do some livin before we die y'all. Here's to a crazy ride!


xx Kathryn Agatha