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check out this interview Kat did on Rare Candy! http://www.rarecandy.org/interviews/2016/7/11/kathryn-agatha


Into The Studio

Over the past few months, we have received incredible love and support from so many people. Thank you, endlessly, from the bottom of my heart. We are working on the record, making it all pretty, packaged and good. Will keep you updated soon :).

<3 Love from KA


Michael was born in Columbia, Maryland (with a "u") where he grew up playing soccer and piano! Wow! Michael came to NY for college where we met! Woo! Michael likes anime, space and sounds. From playing in various churches around the New York area -- Robert Sadin has been a huge teacher and influence for him. He plays in other bands also such as Joe Vilardi's project and Rich Rodriguez's project and Phillipe Duarte's band.


Here are some fun facts about Michael so you can get to know him better:

  • his nickname is chicken nugget
  • he has a hyphenated last night
  • he prefers to be called michael over mike
  • he can bake bread
  • his favorite TV show is cowboy bebop// but his anime is fooly cooly
  • he's also a vegetarian
  • he loves cats
  • he is an avid trusk8 gamer

Love him!

Welcome to the Jungle

Hello hello friends and lovers!

I'm Kathryn Agatha. The name itself belongs to me, given to my by my parents. It's technically my first name which is hyphenated -- Kathryn-Agatha. I was born in The US of A and I lived here for only a short amount of time before the world traveling began. For years, I lived abroad in places such as Korea, Paris, London.. etc, and I came back to America and I lived in Connecticut for a short time where I attended a stuffy private school (THAT SUCKED) until my kicking and screaming let me come to the greatest place ever! New York City! Woo hoo! I attended the Professional Children's School where I studied under the watchful eye of many talented songwriters and singers who helped me get to where I am today. There have been so many of you and I will surely write a post dedicated to you, because you deserve more than a passing mention (more to come). After graduating from PCS, I attended the New School and have been working toward the completion of double major in Media/Communications as well as Jazz Vocal Performance. I am in my final semester. Holy cow! How that happened so quickly, I'll never know! 


Here are some fun facts about me so that you can get to know me a little better

  • I would rather spend an evening in with tea and cartoons then see the outside world
  • Stringed instruments make me boogie
  • I have been a vegetarian for approx. 6 years
  • I would marry Jacques Brel in an instant. Time machines just need to be invented first.
  • I have one older sister // we raised each other
  • I have an irrational fear of popcorn machines and fireworks
  • There are few candles that don't make me sneeze
  • My retirement plans include a farm, 1000 dogs and 1 cat
  • I am going to make every other member in the band do one of these posts

...it's all a work in progress.

Anyway, art and life are one in the same for people like me and I suspect for you as well. 

Let's do some livin before we die y'all. Here's to a crazy ride!


xx Kathryn Agatha